Smart store - Hitachi Automated Shop

The Hitachi Automated Shop solution combines the latest technologies to provide a completely new frictionless shopping experience with no cashier required and no waiting at the cash register.

Securely track customer flow from authentication to exit

3D LiDAR flow line measurements allow for authentication, weight sensors, virtual shopping basket, and more. The various data required for a smart store are tightly connected.

3D LiDAR can measure human location coordinates with high accuracy, so when a large store is covered by multiple sensors, the absolute coordinates (common to all sensors) make it possible to firmly transfer the flow line from sensor to sensor. Even if there are multiple shoppers in a store, they can be tracked individually.

Multiple shoppers in front of a product shelf won’t be confused

By combining weight sensors and 3D LiDAR correctly judge who purchased what,even if there are multiple shoppers in front of a product shelf.

The weight sensor can accurately detect how many items have been taken at any given position, but it cannot determine which shopper took the item when multiple shoppers are standing in front of a product shelf. Therefore, by combining this with 3D LiDAR hand reach-out detection, it is possible to measure who reached out to the shelf position detected by the weight sensor and register the item into the virtual shopping basket of the correct shopper.

Hands free payment without cash or smartphone

AI interactive displays with facial recognition allow shoppers to make purchases without cash or a smartphone.

Using the AI Interactive Display’s facial recognition, it is possible to authenticate customers while wearing a face mask when entering a store (two-step authentication combined with ID input, etc., is recommended). It is also possible to display today’s recommended items to buy and other information in the signage space below the face recognition screen. AI Interactive Display can be placed on the exit side of the store to show receipts.

Hitachi Automated Shop with proven track record worldwide

Hitachi Automated Shop is being introduced not only in Japan but also in the United States, Germany, Israel, and other countries.

As the Hitachi Automated Shop is being introduced in various countries, the experience and know-how gained in each country will be accumulated and will continue to evolve further in the future.


Improved customer experience

It can provide a new customer experience, such as eliminating wait times at the cash register or allowing customers to make hands free payments.

Automation for reduced human labor

The store can operate during nighttime without the need for a human cashier, which can help address labor shortages and improve efficiency.

Safe and secure stores

Non-contact, non-personal contact allows for a store with a low risk of infection.