Smart Retail

Touch & Show

A touch detection solution is a cutting-edge technology that allows customers to access product information with a simple touch on the shelf.

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OMO, Fusion of Online and Offline

By combining the customer data gathered through online interactions with their offline purchasing habits, we are able to offer personalized and optimal service to each customer.

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Smart Store

Combine the latest technologies, such as facial recognition, people tracking, and weight sensors, to fulfill automated walk-through stores.

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Advertising Signage

Signage attracts people's attention and causes them to pause in front of it for a better-performing advertising campaign via a content management system accessible through a smartphone app.

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Customer Behavior Visualization

Assess the success of sales promotional strategies in physical stores by gathering data on both sales results and customer traffic.

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Real-time Measurement of Store Traffic

Generate data-driven recommendations to enhance sales performance by analyzing store traffic patterns.

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Retail Shop Solution

Repeat Customer Management

Recognize frequent customers and offer promotions to encourage their return visits.

In-store Customer Analysis

Detect the number of visitors and analyze customer movement.

Multi-purpose Interactive Display

Provide information about how long the customer was present and display relevant content that is tailored to their needs.

Store Evaluation System

Present the customer survey and provide owners with the opportunity to listen to customer feedback.