Data Collection

Real-time data collection

HLDS' 3D LiDAR identifies the number of people, movements, and behaviors in a designated area, and also checks people density, occupancy, queue, and duration time in the space.

Easy data collection without a PC

Our 3D LiDAR handles human detection with Edge Computing Technology. Integrates data with a cloud platform by PoE+ connectivity, and delivers applications via web and mobile.

Seamless integration and management

HLDS sensor devices ensure ease of interworking with the web API for your cloud platform. It supports various spaces such as retail stores, factories, and specific areas.

HLDS IoT Sensor

Environmental Sensor

In vehicle air purifier

Dust Sensor

• Tech: Measure dust particles reflected through the laser diode.
• Data: Dust particle density data (air quality monitoring)

Thermal Sensor

• Tech: Thermometer & Humidity sensor
• Data: Environment temperature and humidity data

Image & Depth Sensor


• Tech: Release a face of laser patterns and measure the distance for an entire field of view within a 10m range
• Data: Mid-range depth data (human tracking/counting, motion sensing, volume/density measuring)

3D IR Camera

• Tech: Active stereo type 3D camera adds depth information to 2D RGB image data based on infra-red pattern light distortion
• Data: Short-range depth + RGB image data (enhanced personal ID, close-range motion sensing)


• Tech: 360-degree spinning laser measures distance (based on ToF technology)
• Data: Point-to-Point distance data (obstacle detection, distance measuring)

HLDS provides a range of core IoT sensors to help collect diverse information on-site.