Hitachi-LG Data Storage Reveals Innovative Product 'TOUCH&SHOW' at Vision AI Expo 2023

Hitachi-LG Data Storage Reveals Innovative Product 'TOUCH&SHOW' at Vision AI Expo 2023

Hitachi-LG Data Storage recently announced its latest offering, "TOUCH&SHOW," at the "Vision AI Expo 2023" held at Makuhari Messe from June 14 to June 16, 2023. This innovative product aims to enhance sales promotion through an appealing customer experience as an "information display shelf."


AI Expo 2023 3D LiDAR ToF Sensor

TOUCH&SHOW is designed to be user-friendly, with a built-in 3D LiDAR sensor and a 29inch AI Interactive Display signage attached to the product shelf, making it easy to install. The 3D LiDAR sensor on top of the shelf detects the position where the user reaches out their hand, and the signage display content can be switched accordingly. This enables customers to access detailed product information even when staff is unavailable during busy periods.

Moreover, this product can promote customers' purchasing desires by showcasing the attractiveness of products that cannot be conveyed by appearance alone. Product types, shelf arrangements, and content can be easily edited through a web browser, making it effortless to promote limited-time or seasonal product offerings.

In addition, TOUCH&SHOW is capable of collecting marketing data such as the number of times and length of stay when consumers interact with the product. This data can help businesses plan their sales promotion strategies more effectively. Hitachi-LG Data Storage also showcased "Crowd Detection with 3D LiDAR Sensor" and "DX of Digital Signage," presenting products that can address various challenges faced by commercial facilities.

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