Real-time measurement of congestion status in the store

IoT sensors can be used to monitor in-store and facility congestion in real time. For example, in a shopping mall, it is possible to deploy staff in a timely manner according to the congestion status of the entire facility. We will also introduce the methods and the case studies of increasing sales by understanding “congestion”, such as implementing sales promotion measures according to the congestion time of each tenant store.

Are you able to monitor the store congestion in real time?

Intend to increase the revenue for the entire complex.

Sensors are installed at the entrance and exit of each store to monitor congestion in real time and facilitate customer flow.

By understanding the congestion, it is easier for stores to take measures to secure sales in real time. In addition, by informing customers of the congestion status, it becomes easier for customers to plan their actions.

Do you have an idea of the number of people entering the store?

We do not know if we are staffing efficiently.

Sensors installed in stores monitor the number of people entering the store and analyze customer visitation trends.

One sensor is installed at each entrance and exit of a store to measure the number of people entering the store. By analyzing customer visitation trends, the system can identify busy times, enabling efficient staffing and contributing to higher sales. Labor cost reductions can also be expected through staff optimization.


Infection control measures

Sensors installed in stores can monitor the number of people entering the store in real time, which enables to manage “Social Distancing”.

Customer service

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Increase customer satisfaction

Allowing customers to understand congestion status provides them with more information to plan their actions, leading to increased customer satisfaction.