OMO, fusion of online business and offline

Do you understand the purchasing behavior within real stores?

We would like to provide new customer experience in offline stores by taking real-time actions in response to customer behavior.

Information acquired through “online contact points” and “offline contact points” located in real stores are integrated to design the customer experience.

OMO OnBoard seamlessly integrates online shopping data collected by KARTE from PLAID Inc. with in-person shopping behavior tracked in real stores using 3D LiDAR, QR codes, as well as facial recognition. This allows for real-time, personalized actions based on a comprehensive understanding of both online and offline customer behavior.

By providing customers with the opportunity to purchase products online after they've left the store, and giving them ample time to reflect on their in-store experience, it encourages customers who regret not making a purchase to reconsider their decision.

[OMO* OnBoard], a SaaS integration service from NRI Digital Corporation, integrates customer information obtained from online contact points and purchasing behavior from offline contact points, such as physical stores, to provide optimal service to each individual customer.

*OMO (Online Merges with Offline) is a concept marketing method that eliminates the boundary between online (Internet) and offline (real stores) to provide optimal service to each individual customer and improve CX. This is a marketing method that improves CX by providing optimal service to each customer.


Analysis of online and off-line customer behavior

3D LiDAR installed in real stores enables seamless analysis of online and offline behavior by integrating in-store traffic line measurement and online behavior.

Improve customer experience

Based on customers’ in-store behavior, demands and problems are estimated, and coupons and special offers are provided in real time to improve the customer experience.