Realization of highly effective advertising signage

Signage installed at entrances and exits adds to the advertising effect. And remote content management via mobile function is included. This new signage is larger than usual, a 29-inch touch panel display, so it can display advertisements and sales promotion appeals, and always make people stop in front of it and take a good look at it. For stores, corporate entrances, events… Various applications and case studies are introduced here.

Are you making good use of signage?

Intend to place efficient signage.

Signage is optimized to display advertisements and announcements. It uses a dedicated CMS*, content can be easily registered and updated quickly. Another feature of this system is that even in a small space, it is possible to create eye-catching exhibits for customers.

*Contents Management System


Improvement in penetrating the information

It allows people to stop and look at the information you intend to show.

Effective use of dead spaces

It can be placed in small spaces where typical signage could not have been placed.