Touch Detection Technology

Touch & Show Solution

Touch, Discover, and Buy.

The process of comparing products becomes easier and quicker when customers have access to more information. Our Touch & Show Solution allows customers to touch the product and instantly access all the relevant information they need to make a purchasing decision.


AI Interactive Display

29" multi-purpose smart signage


Real-time 3D LiDAR ToF Sensor

Touch & Show

Seamlessly designed to display detailed product information instantly when customers touch an item on the shelf, empowering them to make quicker and more informed purchasing decisions with ease.

Tap the screen

Our touchscreen, powered by in-TOUCH technology, delivers an effortless smartphone-like touch experience. Customers can interact through the display, even in unmanned stores, for tasks such as seeking assistance or obtaining more information.

Analyze your product placement

HL-DP™ developed by HLDS is the powerful analytics dashboard to unlock invaluable insights and optimize your retail strategy. Dive deep into the shopping journey and visualize the most frequently touched products, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that enhance customer experiences and drive sales.

Elevate your customer experience to a whole new level!

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Powerful Features

Instant Touch Response

A simple touch prompts detailed information about the item to appear instantly on the display.

Interactive Digital Signage

A simple tap provides instant access to the desired information, transforming their shopping experience into an interactive and engaging journey.

Quick and Easy Mobile CMS

With the 'HL365' mobile app, you can effortlessly create templates, upload content, and efficiently manage devices.

Real-time Call

Equipped with a high-definition camera, customers can initiate video calls, seek assistance, and even leave notes on the display.

Dwell Time Analysis

Our solution can measure customer dwell times in front of shelves, enabling targeted promotions of specific products on the display to enhance sales.

Face Recognition

With our AI Interactive Display's integrated face recognition technology, unlock customizing features such as membership identification and access control.

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