Visualizing customer purchasing behavior with IoT

Sensors are installed in the stores to visualize the data such as the number of customers visiting the store and their in-store behavior. By measuring customer movement and time spent in front of shelves, it is possible to optimize inventory management and order management.

Do you understand the effectiveness of your sales promotion activities?

Having trouble understanding how to measure the effectiveness of advertising promotion activities?

HLDS Sensor Solution help to solve the problem related to promoting store DX by verifying sales promotion activities using not only sales data but also a variety of other data.

Do you understand the customer’s behavior before deciding to purchase an item?

HLDS LiDAR sensor tracks and shares exactly what your customers are doing in the store.

Sensors are installed in the store to measure the dwell time spent in front of the shelves, supporting the marketing data collection never experienced before.

By combining this with POS data, it enables to identify the items of high interest but low sales, which is not possible with sales data alone.


Advertising the effectiveness can be verified

The number of visitors to a store can be measured, allowing a comparison of sales data with the number of visitors after advertising.

New marketing perspectives

Understanding customer behavior in front of the shelf enables unprecedented marketing data collection.