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Lotte Data Communication's Innovative Approach to Smart Retail.

Lotte Data Communication's Innovative Approach to Smart Retail.

Discovering Customer Insights with ToF LiDARs: Lotte Data Communication's Innovative Approach to Smart Retail.

Lotte Data Communication is a prominent IT company based in South Korea. The company provides a broad spectrum of IT services, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics. Lotte Data Communication is also a top-notch provider of smart retail solutions in Korea.


Challenge: Reliable Tracking without Privacy Issue

Lotte Data Communication faced the challenge of finding a suitable and cost-effective way to monitor customer behavior in their smart stores. The conventional techniques like AI cameras were not always dependable or precise enough when it came to tracking customers. This resulted in a lot of erroneous data, which affected the accuracy of in-store analytics. Furthermore, cameras posed privacy concerns if used for data collection and analysis.

Solution: ToF LiDARs over AI Cameras  

Lotte Data Communication has developed an effective method for monitoring in-store customer behavior by utilizing Hitachi-LG Time-of-Flight (ToF) LiDAR sensors. These intelligent sensors utilize laser-based technology to determine exact distance, providing precise tracking of every customer movement in detail even in low-light environments, without any occlusion or tracking loss issues. Furthermore, there are no privacy concerns since they do not capture or store real RGB images of customers. 

Lotte Data Communication has gained a deeper understanding of customer behavior using Hitachi-LG ToF LiDAR sensors in combination with its smart retail platform. Now they can track the number of people entering and leaving their stores, the time they spend in each aisle, and the products they interact with. This data has been instrumental in improving the store layout, optimizing product placement, and targeting marketing campaigns.

The use of ToF LiDAR sensors by Lotte Data Communication is an excellent illustration of how ToF LiDAR sensors can enhance the smart in-store solutions.  

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